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About me

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My Background 

I grew up in a very musical and talented family in Seaforth, NSW, where my siblings and I were taught piano, violin, guitar, flute and recorder.  I have always had a great passion for music, in particular piano, and started formal lessons at age 7.  


I studied piano with the highly accomplished and reknowned concert pianist and teacher, Lila Chalmers, at the Chalmers, Langley and Bynon Music Studio in Darley Rd, Manly, and began my teaching experience under her guidance.


From an early age I was involved in concerts and eisteddfods, and gained high achievements in AMEB piano and theory exams.


I commenced teaching piano to younger children as a high school student, and later went on to gain my Bachelor of Education.  I have over 35 years of successful teaching experience, both in schools and in private tuition. 

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For younger students

Parents of young children are particularly encouraged to attend their children's lessons. In this way you may understand my methods of teaching your child and follow up on the lesson at home in a similar manner.  

The building of self-esteem in the child is of utmost importance in the development of a well-rounded and confident ​musician and parents are encouraged to support this philosophy during practice time at home by limiting criticisms that are not constructive and by reinforcing through encouragement, positive behaviours and outcomes.

Sometimes students, and especially teens interact more comfortably and freely without the presence of parents or other family members in the room.  If I feel this is the case, I will discuss it with the parent.


Studio concert recitals are held at least once a year, and participation is encouraged. If you don't wish to perform, your attendance at concerts as a member of the audience in support of your peers and the piano school is highly desirable.

On occasions we hold our recitals at local nursing homes and retirement villages for the enjoyment ​of the residents, and I hope to be able to continue this gesture of goodwill to our older residents in the future. Alternatively, we use the studio or hire a local hall.

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